Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scandal has put together a writing prompt! Take the name of your fave lipstick and write a sexy short on it!

Here I go:

Violet returned home from another date that went no where. Frustrated, Violet showered and went to bed, but she couldn't sleep. All she could do was toss and turn, wondering what in the world was the matter...was it her...was it the men....what was the problem? As she thought, Violet ran her fingers over her breasts, her nipples responding to her soft touch. She began rolling her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, hoping it would ease her frustration.

Violet parted her legs, moving her right hand down her stomach, down to her bare pussy. Violet moved her fingers across her labia, feeling the dampness between her legs. As her middle finger parted her lips, she moved her other hand down, and began teasing her clit. After twenty minutes, and no hint of an orgasm, Violet moaned in frustration. Disgusted, she got up and walked into the living room, if nothing else she could watch TV.

Brad felt the sharp sting of Mary's hand across his face. As he held his cheek, Mary glared at him...."What do you think I am...some kind of fucking whore?" "For Christ sakes Mary....we've been dating for six months....what's your fucking problem?" Mary grabbed her purse and stormed out the door. "Cunt!" he yelled after her. Pissed off and frustrated Brad went in and showered. He knew he was too pissed to sleep, so rather than toss and turn he decided to have a beer.

Still horny, Brad decided to take off his shorts and go out on the patio and rub one out...what the was late, and no one would be around. As he stepped out onto the patio, Brad stubbed his toe on the metal chair, scraping it across the cement. "Shit." Brad sat down and took a sip of beer, and he toyed with his cock, getting it hard. As he slowly jacked off he started thinking, "How cool it would be if I could just find a fuck buddy...a woman that would meet with me...we'd fuck, no commitment, no hassles.

Violet heard a noise coming from outside. She decided to peek out and see what it was. As she carefully opened the patio door she peered out looking around. She noticed it was a full moon and she could see pretty well. She was about to step back inside when she saw him. Her least that's what she thinks his name is....they only met once, and that was just in passing. Her eyes grew wide when she saw he was masturbating. After the initial shock, she realized she was becoming aroused...his cock was big....very big, and the sight of his jacking off was turning her on.

With her heart pounding in her chest, Violet walked out onto her patio. She found herself, touching her breasts, tugging at her nipples and caressing herself as she watched. She could feel the dampness starting to leak form her sex as she watched him stroke his long hard cock. The longer she watched, the more aroused Violet became. Her fingers were soon sliding into her pussy as she watched Brad picking up the pace. Feeling brave, and aroused Violet stepped into the open as Brad's hand was becoming a blur.

Suddenly Brad's body tensed and the cum shot from his cock into the air. Violet moaned, as a powerful orgasm shot through her body. Brad opened his eyes to see Violet, her fingers buried in her pussy, obviously cumming as she watched him. "Wow," he mumbled....she fucking hot." Brad tried to think of his beautiful neighbor's name... Violet..that's it...Violet. Brad waited to see what Violet would do. Violet opened her eyes to see Brad smiling, his cock still hard as he held it in his hand. Gathering all the intestinal fortitude she had, Violet walked over and onto Brad's patio.

Brad went to speak, but Violet held her finger to her mouth, as if to say, don't spoil the moment. Violet knelt down, watching the cum running down over Brad's fingers, down onto his balls. She felt her mouth open, and this irresistible urge to suck Brad's cock overpowered her. Violet lowered her head, licking the cum from his fingers, then his balls as Brad tilted his head back, gasping. This is like a dream he thought as he felt his body tense. Violet felt an overpowering wave of pure lust envelope her as she licked and kissed her way up Brad's chest.

The two began kissing and caressing one another like two wild animals rutting....gasping and grunting as pure lust overwhelmed them both. Brad caressed Violet's breasts, pulling them up to his face, where he sucked her nipples as she pulled at his cock. Violet started cumming as she felt Brad's hand slide between her legs, one of his fingers sliding into her sex, followed by another. Violet's body was quaking as the orgasms washed over her. Brad picked her up, and laid her onto top of the sturdy patio table. With her legs spread wide, Brad kissed his way down her thighs, making his way to her pussy.

Brad teased Violet, kissing and licking everywhere but her pussy. "Oh Gawd...make me cum....please!" Brad ran his tongue over Violet's labia causing her to moan, and start cumming. Encouraged by her passion, Brad parted her lips, licking up her juice's, tongue fucking her as he teased her clit. Violet started cumming again, grinding her pussy against Brad's face....each orgasm more powerful than the next.

When she had come down enough to think again Violet stood up and leaned over the table, spreading her legs wide. Brad, stood behind her as he eased his cock into Violet's hot pussy. Brad started fucking her again and again, as her pussy clamped down on his cock. Beads of sweat dripped from his brow down onto Violet's ass as Brad pummeled her pussy, slapping her ass -*over and over as she squealed with a lusty delight. Brad felt his orgasm building, his knees starting to buckle. Violet was telling him to fill her with his was crazy Brad was like she could sense when he was about to explode. Brad grunted loudly, sending a torrent of cum splashing into her pussy.

Afterward Violet and Brad enjoyed a cool refreshing dip in the pool where they looked up at the stars. Violet felt like she was shining. They were both content with being fuck buddies, no commitments, no hassles, and no pressure. What luck to have found one another, living next door.


D. Scandal said...

Nice! Love it! Thanks for submitting!

Stacyonthecouch said...

No more reading from 'Scandal at work I'm afraid ... great story!

BSG said...

Mmmmm... very hot story. Makes me almost wish I was single and had a Brad of my own. :) Think I may try this writing prompt myself! Thanks!

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