Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Crazy Brunette Chick

We all know that I have some wickedly bad ass stories to tell! So I am linking up with the Bad Girl Bloggers and their Wicked Wednesday to tell one!

I fucking love having sex outside. It is so thrilling to be out under the stars, feeling the air on my naked skin, wondering if anyone is watching...
One time we went floating down the river all day with some friends. When it was dark we had finally reached our landing spot. The couple we were floating with volunteered to drive back to the starting point for the other truck. (The only one that could hold the canoes.)
So of course Mr. Him and I got a little bored...Underneath a bridge with one of the biggest highways in our state running over us, we got down and dirty, doggy style! Just thinking about that fuck gets me all hot and bothered!
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evil p0ptart said...

I agree with outside sex. Although I need to adventure some more!

Thanks for linking up with the fellow bad girls!

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