Friday, August 27, 2010

Babes and Toys

Since one of my main goals for this blog it to do toy reviews I have been keeping  my eye out for toys that I want!
I have found one that I about cum just looking at! The We Vibe II is the first vibe to be worn while knockin boots, that stimulates the Clit and the G spot! SIGN ME UP!
I'm also discovering what I like about certain toy sites. Take Babeland for example. Their site is so chic! Very easy to navigate. I think they definitely designed it for woman shoppers! And I love being catered to like that!
I have many reviews coming up......Can't wait to tell you all about my big O's!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Blossom has Petals.
Why is it that you rarely ever see a woman with vaginal lips?
I have even heard of porn stars having their surgically removed.

Those lips are pretty important.
They have sensory nerve endings that contribute to sexual pleasure.

When a woman gets really turned on you can always tell,
because those lips will swell and darken ever so slightly.

Having mine sucked on is great floor play.

My blossom has petals....and I love it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Make me cum

So I just got done reading this book, and before I go any further BUY IT NOW!! It didn't rate all that great, which is shocking to me. It's got me on a mad hunt to read the other books that were rated better. I can't imagine how much juicer or sexier things can get.
But I digress.
I have never really looked into how my body works sex wise. Even though I am one of many who have sexual issues, I've passed it off as being part of my weird hormonal embalance. Which does have an affect, I don't give a shit what they say. But this book has given me tools to make things so much better and well it already has.
I learned I was wrong, that there is no such thing as a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm. It's all the same. Totally stunned my world, let me tell you. When I'm using a vibe my orgasms are insanely intense, yet when I don't it's this awesome build up to piddle away at the peak leaving me slightly pissed and confussed. It still feels really good, but the sensation is completely different, which made me believe that story of two kinds of orgasms.

Cum to find out, most women can't have orgasms with pentration alone, it's rare and those that do are blessed and totally envied.

Why are my orgasms more intense when I use a vibe? Well thats because a clitoris is the key to orgasms...or most orgasms anyway. I thought there was one location, as do most people, but it's not, it winds its way inside and outside of the vagina. And one part of it is the lovely g-spot!! Crazy huh! Now that I know this, I'm like no shit that explains A LOT.
This means more attention to the entire area, woohoo baby, bring it on.
There are techniques given in this book on how to 'train' your body to have an orgasm with penetration. I haven't tried this tip yet but we will later... ;). Now I could share this tip, or tease and tell you to buy the book. What to do what to do....ok fine, the tip is, if it's a vibe or your hand that you use to have an orgasm, bring yourself right to the finish line but stop before you cross the line. Let your partner take over and let that bring on the orgasm. Next time, stop a little sooner, and continue stopping sooner and sooner until penetration is what causes the orgasm. I don't know about you girls, but I'm willing to stay up all night to test this out if I have to.
There are positions and foreplay tips and you name it in this book. There are chapters for the boys, to help them out on their journey of learning and perfecting their clitoris loving skills. There is even a chapter on anal sex, and one on female ejaculation!!
I loved the humor and the no nonsense description of things. I am sad though that I rented the book and it's not mine, but I will soon be buying my own copy....along with reading all the other books on this topic.
Go pick it up, you won't be sorry!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eden Fantasy's

I am getting ready to pick a toy and do a review for Eden Fantasy's.
Have something you want me to try out?
Feel free to let me know!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My toy 'box' is a red velvet bag, and it is stuffed with 8 kinky toys. All of which, I will be giving reviews on, promise. I'm sure some of you have more than this, woohoo for you if you do. I rotate my toys out every few months, I get a new one and throw out one that I've become bored with. That adds up to....well way too many dildo's in the dumpster.

I just went through my bag of goodies a few days ago and tossed out 4 toys that aren't getting used anymore. And it got me to thinking....

How many toys do you have?

Do you have a specific toy for a night? For me, it's almost always a vibe with every sexcapade, the other toys cum in randomly.

Do you role play and use different tools for different 'characters'? No role play here, but we are considering giving this a try, sounds too damn sexy not to test it out. I think a new toy for each 'character' would be HOT HOT HOT.

Or do you close your eyes and reach into the bag, getting a new surprise every time?

What are your favorites?
Hammer and this bad boy are my favs of all time.

What ones do you hate? Oddly enough the rabbit or anything similar to it. I find the flicking rubber ears annoying as hell.

Cum on ladies (and any cocks reading) give us a peek at what you use under those sheets!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

This is the tool I go to when the night is a full power vibe sexathon...or if I'm out of batteries.

The price tag on this puppy is anywhere from $50 to $60, depending on where you shop, but I assure you it is worth it. I have yet to try it out on sore muscles, just a wet horny clit, but I'm sure it would help with that too.

I like power toys, and I mean POWER, don't give me a pussy little vibe that my electric toothbrush can out do. And this puppy is almost too much for this cunt. I've had to work from using it on top of sweats then to panties and now I've graduated all the way to naked clit.

It is intense girls. I.N.T.E.N.S.E. For me, the second I hit that switch I am on the brink of an earth shattering O. But there are times were it's too much and I have to work up to full on vibe, by touching the outside, in the hollow between my leg and the petal lips. This is on low, by the way...yup.

My loves: IT FUCKING WORKS EVERY TIME and it doesn't take as long with this baby. I never ever have to worry about batteries. And no one would know it's a vibe if you left it lying on the nightstand..which I have done.

My hates: It is loud, as in hope to God I don't wake up everyone on my block loud. It's also a bit tricky to clean, but so far we've managed not to kill it so it is doable.

I give it 4 out of 5 lips.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The room was hot.
Almost stiflingly so.
I could feel my dress sticking to my back.
For as hot as I was I still wanted to move.
Dance to the music that was loud I couldn't hear myself think.
I thought about you.
What it would have been like if you'd had the nerve to show up and meet me tonight.
I thought about all the naughty texts you'd been sending me for months.
And all that I had planned to do to you.
But you didn't show.
And the rejection was a punch in the gut.
Screw you, I just wanted you for your dick anyways.
Instantly I flashed to the new GoodVibes purchase that had arrived yesterday.
I could feel myself get wet.
Before I knew what I was thinking I was headed out the door and home.
I stripped naked and stood in the doorway to my room.
The air conditioner making my nipples firm.
I held a glass of whiskey in one hand as I closed my eyes and thought about what was awaiting me.
Pulling it out of it's little satiny bag, my breathing came out in a shudder.

I could feel my insides clenching, readying themselves.
It was much bigger than I had realized.
But then, you were supposed to have been the biggest I had ever had.
Oh well, I wasn't going to be missing out.
I crawled into bed, running my hands up and down the shaft.
I turned it on.
It vibrated, but not as hard as I had expected.
Trying not to wonder if I would be disappointed again tonight, I swallowed the rest of the whiskey, laid down, and poured lube all over my naughty blossom.
Slowly I worked it in and out of me, going in a little further each time.
I felt so tight and full trying to get all of the length inside.
My breathing was becoming more ragged.
I thought of all the things you missed out on seeing me do to you.
My hands grabbing your ass.
My mouth and tongue sliding over the head of your dick.
I moved my other hand down, getting my fingers wet with lube and myself.
I slowly rolled my fingers over my clit. Enjoying the sensations I gave to myself.
I was moving the toy faster in and out, fucking myself with it.
And pretending that my fingers were your tongue.
I came so hard I was arching my back and screaming.
I tried to keep the toy moving in and out, but it was so slick and I was orgasming so hard it shot out and fell on the floor.
Nothing is more sensual then laying in bed in a post orgasm glow.
Eventually the room stopped spinning.
My phone was going off. It's you.
Probly some lame excuse.
I hit ignore.
I had found something better.

I was not paid or reimbursed in any way for this review.
This toy gets 3 out of 5 lips for all over excellence!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I Lost The Battle

Fuck me sideways bitches!
I'm done!
I have been messing with the dam code on this fucking layout and I can't get it to give me just one more dam fucking sidebar! I have tried using different layouts, blogger pre made layouts, and then just adding the header. BUT NO!
Nothing wants to fucking work and I have been staring at the dam code for so fucking long my eyes are cross ways.
If you know how to do it, I'll repay you in sexual favors!
Till then you can stare at my tits. Everyone else does!

(And yes...They really are mine.)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dirty Work

Dirty Work-Halestorm

Get on your knees
And let the games begin
Bow to your queen
And I will crown your head

Cause I can make you every inch a king
Before I do it, tell me
Tell me what's in it for me

I need someone young, willing and able
You need someone old enough to know better

I want you to...

Do my dirty work
Do my dirty work


Do my dirty work
Do my dirty work


Do my dirty work
Do my dirty work

Let me be your labor of love
My royal garden needs a hired man
Plant your seed, sow it
My rose's all in your hand

I need someone young, willing and able
You need someone old enough to know better

I want you to...

Do my dirty work
Do my dirty work


Do my dirty work
Do my dirty work


Come one

Do my dirty work
Do my dirty work


Do my dirty work
Do my dirty work


Do my dirty work
Do my dirty work

Do my dirty work
Do my dirty work

Do my dirty work
Do my dirty work

Do my dirty work
Do my dirty work

Dirty Dancing

The dance floor was so crowded that nobody noticed when he pulled Samantha closer. Spencer's arm fit across the small of her back, his hand resting just 

above her ass. Their eyes met and they held their gaze as both of Samantha's arms tightened around his neck. Their movements grew more sensual as the music changed. Samantha knew Spencer could feel the taut nubs of her nipples through the sheer fabric of her black blouse. The friction of his chest against hers sent a strong ripple of desire straight between her legs. Spencer moved one hand lower until it rested on her tight ass. Spencer tightened his arms around Samantha as someone bumped into her. Samantha gasped as Spencer hauled her even closer to his body while pushing his maleness against her. Samantha nearly came right then and there. The glint she saw in Spencer's eyes told her knew just how aroused and close to release she truly was. He chuckled softly as he heard Samantha whimper with longing. He knew she needed to cum. He needed to be inside her as much as she wanted him inside her. Never taking her eyes from his, Samantha reached between them and swiftly undid his pants. Spencer slid his hand up the back of her short denim skirt and he smiled deviously when he encountered bare skin instead of 
cloth. He wondered to himself when Samantha had decided 

to leave the house without her panties. 

Samantha smiled at the wicked gleam in Spencer's brown eyes that told her he approved of her naughtiness. She slid her hand into the front of his pants and stroked his hard shaft while his fingers found her wetness from behind. Samantha sighed as Spencer easily penetrated her depths with two very masculine fingers. Spencer grabbed the back of one of Samantha's legs and placed it on his hip. Suddenly she found her back pressed against a wall as the force of his cock spearing her hungry pussy pushed her backwards. Somehow they'd managed to dance their way into the corner. Spencer's lips descended upon Samantha's in a hungry, almost bruising kiss as he thrust into her over and over. Samantha's hands tangled in his hair as she deepened their kiss. Spencer's hips rocked against hers, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her. He broke their kiss and his lips found the tender spot on Samantha's neck just above her collarbone that he knew always got her hot and bothered. He bit the tender flesh there causing her to arch her back and push her pelvis hard against his. Her

 head fell back against the wall as Spencer continued to kiss her throat, thrusting his cock in and out of her, pushing her closer to her release. He cupped her breast through her blouse and she dug her fingernails into his shoulders as he sped up his thrusting. Samantha knew from his breathing that Spencer was as close to sweet release as she was. Through half-closed, desire-filled eyes Samantha noticed another couple watching them. She told Spencer about the couple watching them and she could feel him growing even harder inside her. Samantha felt mildly embarrassed that they'd been caught having sex in public but a larger part of her was even more turned on knowing they were being watched. She slid her hands over Spencer's back and clutched his ass, pulling him even closer. He began to push harder and faster into her.

"I'm cumming," Samantha whispered. "Oh yeah...please take me over the edge...cum with me, baby."

"Cum for me, Sam," Spencer whispered as he nibbled on her earlobe. "You are so damn wet and tight..."

"Mmm...make me cum while those people are watching," she whispered. Spencer felt Samantha begin to shake as her orgasm took hold. He captured her mouth in a searing kiss before she could cry out his name. Her pussy muscles clamped down hard on his cock. He drove himself deep inside her one last time before going still and erupting inside her welcoming pussy. He squeezed her ass, pulling her against him as he continued to unload himself into her. Once spent, Spencer eased his cock out of her and readjusted her pants as Samantha lowered her leg from his hip. Spencer held her firmly as she clung to him, her legs unsteady. They kissed softly as they hugged. When they parted, they glanced over and saw the couple that had been watching them was engaged in the same act of intimacy they'd just shared.