Thursday, August 19, 2010

The room was hot.
Almost stiflingly so.
I could feel my dress sticking to my back.
For as hot as I was I still wanted to move.
Dance to the music that was loud I couldn't hear myself think.
I thought about you.
What it would have been like if you'd had the nerve to show up and meet me tonight.
I thought about all the naughty texts you'd been sending me for months.
And all that I had planned to do to you.
But you didn't show.
And the rejection was a punch in the gut.
Screw you, I just wanted you for your dick anyways.
Instantly I flashed to the new GoodVibes purchase that had arrived yesterday.
I could feel myself get wet.
Before I knew what I was thinking I was headed out the door and home.
I stripped naked and stood in the doorway to my room.
The air conditioner making my nipples firm.
I held a glass of whiskey in one hand as I closed my eyes and thought about what was awaiting me.
Pulling it out of it's little satiny bag, my breathing came out in a shudder.

I could feel my insides clenching, readying themselves.
It was much bigger than I had realized.
But then, you were supposed to have been the biggest I had ever had.
Oh well, I wasn't going to be missing out.
I crawled into bed, running my hands up and down the shaft.
I turned it on.
It vibrated, but not as hard as I had expected.
Trying not to wonder if I would be disappointed again tonight, I swallowed the rest of the whiskey, laid down, and poured lube all over my naughty blossom.
Slowly I worked it in and out of me, going in a little further each time.
I felt so tight and full trying to get all of the length inside.
My breathing was becoming more ragged.
I thought of all the things you missed out on seeing me do to you.
My hands grabbing your ass.
My mouth and tongue sliding over the head of your dick.
I moved my other hand down, getting my fingers wet with lube and myself.
I slowly rolled my fingers over my clit. Enjoying the sensations I gave to myself.
I was moving the toy faster in and out, fucking myself with it.
And pretending that my fingers were your tongue.
I came so hard I was arching my back and screaming.
I tried to keep the toy moving in and out, but it was so slick and I was orgasming so hard it shot out and fell on the floor.
Nothing is more sensual then laying in bed in a post orgasm glow.
Eventually the room stopped spinning.
My phone was going off. It's you.
Probly some lame excuse.
I hit ignore.
I had found something better.

I was not paid or reimbursed in any way for this review.
This toy gets 3 out of 5 lips for all over excellence!


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i would eat that pussy for hours

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