Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Make me cum

So I just got done reading this book, and before I go any further BUY IT NOW!! It didn't rate all that great, which is shocking to me. It's got me on a mad hunt to read the other books that were rated better. I can't imagine how much juicer or sexier things can get.
But I digress.
I have never really looked into how my body works sex wise. Even though I am one of many who have sexual issues, I've passed it off as being part of my weird hormonal embalance. Which does have an affect, I don't give a shit what they say. But this book has given me tools to make things so much better and well it already has.
I learned I was wrong, that there is no such thing as a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm. It's all the same. Totally stunned my world, let me tell you. When I'm using a vibe my orgasms are insanely intense, yet when I don't it's this awesome build up to piddle away at the peak leaving me slightly pissed and confussed. It still feels really good, but the sensation is completely different, which made me believe that story of two kinds of orgasms.

Cum to find out, most women can't have orgasms with pentration alone, it's rare and those that do are blessed and totally envied.

Why are my orgasms more intense when I use a vibe? Well thats because a clitoris is the key to orgasms...or most orgasms anyway. I thought there was one location, as do most people, but it's not, it winds its way inside and outside of the vagina. And one part of it is the lovely g-spot!! Crazy huh! Now that I know this, I'm like no shit that explains A LOT.
This means more attention to the entire area, woohoo baby, bring it on.
There are techniques given in this book on how to 'train' your body to have an orgasm with penetration. I haven't tried this tip yet but we will later... ;). Now I could share this tip, or tease and tell you to buy the book. What to do what to do....ok fine, the tip is, if it's a vibe or your hand that you use to have an orgasm, bring yourself right to the finish line but stop before you cross the line. Let your partner take over and let that bring on the orgasm. Next time, stop a little sooner, and continue stopping sooner and sooner until penetration is what causes the orgasm. I don't know about you girls, but I'm willing to stay up all night to test this out if I have to.
There are positions and foreplay tips and you name it in this book. There are chapters for the boys, to help them out on their journey of learning and perfecting their clitoris loving skills. There is even a chapter on anal sex, and one on female ejaculation!!
I loved the humor and the no nonsense description of things. I am sad though that I rented the book and it's not mine, but I will soon be buying my own copy....along with reading all the other books on this topic.
Go pick it up, you won't be sorry!


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