Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Blossom Has Petals.

My Blossom has Petals.
Why is it that you rarely ever see a woman with vaginal lips?
I have even heard of porn stars having their surgically removed.

Those lips are pretty important.
They have sensory nerve endings that contribute to sexual pleasure.

When a woman gets really turned on you can always tell,
because those lips will swell and darken ever so slightly.

Having mine sucked on is great floor play.

My blossom has petals....and I love it!


Southern Sage said...

I love it too!!!!!!
yes yes yes I do!

Sucked on? is that bad foreplay for anyone??

evil p0ptart said...

I dunno yo, the big beef flaps usually scare me. Like they've been stretched out to China and back.

slowburn said...

I had a discussion with the wife about this. I came home and she mentioned having watched as program about it and wanting the procedure. I told her that she was perfect as she was. She accepted what I had to say. I don't know why you ladies would put yourselves through such torture. Great pics by the way.

TAG said...

I too love the petals. Of course, truth be told, I love with or without.


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