Friday, August 27, 2010

Babes and Toys

Since one of my main goals for this blog it to do toy reviews I have been keeping  my eye out for toys that I want!
I have found one that I about cum just looking at! The We Vibe II is the first vibe to be worn while knockin boots, that stimulates the Clit and the G spot! SIGN ME UP!
I'm also discovering what I like about certain toy sites. Take Babeland for example. Their site is so chic! Very easy to navigate. I think they definitely designed it for woman shoppers! And I love being catered to like that!
I have many reviews coming up......Can't wait to tell you all about my big O's!


Elizabeth -Mrs Team Smitty said...

I have this, I am not that fond of it, however when my hubs comes home from deployment, it might be better put to use if we use it together, however solo usage sucks balls.

Southern Sage said...

looks like fun to me!!! the in part muct be small but if you cum from looking at it it prolly works good

Southern Sage said...

wtf is muct?
I put it muct be small.

I dunno what muct means?!


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