Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The night I found him

I walked into the bar wearing the skankiest, trashiest outfit I could find. Skin tight black leather pants, that I have to say showed off my ass better than any pair of blue jeans I owned. I’d found a ‘shirt’ that was basically a piece of cloth that I tied at the base of my neck and again at my lower back, leaving my entire back bare. No bra necessary woohoo. There was no mistaking my agenda, I wanted to fuck.

I made my way to the bar, every man in my way couldn’t stop ogling me and all the women gave me hate glares. I had a killer smile on my face, I didn’t give a shit about any of them tonight.

“Tequila, keep it coming,” I said in a sexy voice to the bartender. He was cute in that baby face could be 34 but looks 12 kind of way. Not my type, and not on my plans tonight.

It didn’t take long before someone approached me.

“Damn girl, but you are hot,” a voice said to my left, I felt a hand at the small of my back and I fought the urge to jerk away from it. I turned to see a tall, chunky man in his mid 30’s and going balder by the second. His pants were as tight as mine and were accompanied by a tank top that his stomach hung out of at the bottom. Oh tasty.

“Thank you,” I said then turned back to the bar and drinks.

“Wanna dance?” he asked leaning in to me, his mouth inches from my ear.

“No thanks, I’m waiting for someone,” I said nonchalantly.

“He’s not here now,” he said and the bastard nuzzled my neck.

“Wow does that really get you laid? Because it’s doing nothing but making me want to toss my cookies,” I said in a board tone. He jerked back and I didn’t have to look his way to know that he was giving me a dirty look.

“BITCH!” he yelled back.

I turned to him and said “Tonight I’m the biggest bitch of the west, I’d stay the fuck away from me if I were you.”

He walked off sputtering nonsense.

“Will I get the same treatment,” a voice on my right asked. A man I hadn’t seen was standing next to me, leaning into the bar as if he’d always been there. He was tall, with black hair, green eyes and from my angle appeared to be very in shape. Mmmm.

“That depends, are you going to start groping me without permission?” I asked suggestively.

“Only if that’s your thing,” he said looking me in the eye with a serious expression. Ooh him I liked.

“Hmm,” was all I said, with a smile before taking another shot.

“What’s your name,” he asked leaning into me.

“Bridget. You?”


“Nice to meet you Ryan,” I said smiling at him.

“My pleasure,” he said his eyes on my lips.

We made it to his truck but just barely. He backed me into the cab, leaned down and lifted my legs off the ground. I wrapped them around his waist as best as I could with my leather pants, my arms went around his neck. He put his hand behind my head and pulled me to him almost forcefully. Our lips met and I saw stars. The man could kiss like no one I’d ever met. He nibbled my bottom lip at the end of every kiss, making me wiggle against him. Suddenly I was falling backwards into the cab of his truck, he followed, laying on top of me. I loved the weight of a man on top of me; I loved the heat of his body, the pressure of him, the way I can feel him breathe. He was so big, he surrounded me. But my favorite part was the feel of him hard and trapped between our bodies.

Ryan ground himself against me and I called out. He was propped up on his hands, looking down at me and I had a second of hesitation when I looked at him above me. The shadows of the lights from the parking lot, and the interior light of the truck, brought out the green of his eyes, the stubble on his jaw, and the chiseled lines of his neck. He was insanely good looking. His lips were full, making any woman jealous. He had a broad jaw, with sharp cheek bones. He was the face you would see a romance novel. I couldn’t have sex with him in this truck; I wanted to enjoy this specimen as long as I could.

“Wait,” I said as he began leaning over to kiss me.

“What?” he asked, his voice husky.

“I don’t want to do this here. My house is 5 minutes away,” I said and I hoped he’d accept.

Smiling, “I’ll go anywhere, as long as I end up back here,” he said before leaning down to kiss me. He licked my tongue and when I tried to lick his back, he grabbed my tongue and sucked the tip.

I practically ran to my car.

I’d never got to my house or inside so fast before. The second the door was secured behind us, I turned, walking backwards toward my room. I untied my shirt and let it drop. He lunged for me and I didn’t try to get away. He pulled me to him and instead of kissing my lips like I had thought he would, he went for my neck, to nibble and lick. When he circled my ear lobe with his tongue I almost lost my footing as pleasure shot through me. I tried to pull away to get us to my bedroom but he didn’t let me.

“Where?” he asked in my ear making me shudder.

“Down the hall, first door on the right,” I managed to say. He scooped me up and carried me to my room. He turned on the light with the hand holding my feet.

He laid me gently on the bed, and within seconds he was on top of me. He looked down at me, eyeing my torso hungrily before his gaze returned to my eyes. Our eyes were locked as he slowly leaned back on his knees and licked one long lick from the bottom of my left tit to the top. I grabbed a hold of his arms and threw my head back. He licked every inch before he finally took my nipple in his mouth. I almost screamed with shock and pleasure at the heat that suddenly exploded through me. My pussy was throbbing painfully, causing me to wiggle and writhe against him.

But he wasn’t done.

He took his shirt off while moving to my right boob, this time though he went straight for my nipple and latched on almost painfully. I dug my fingers into his arms and moaned.

“Yes,” I sighed. He bit my nipple and pulled back, making my nipple stretch almost painfully.

I let go of his arms and began unbuttoning my pants, making frustrated noises when they wouldn’t go down far enough or fast enough. He kissed his way down to my belly button then pulled my pants and panties off all in one swift tug. I gasped from the sensation. He stood up and began yanking his jeans off. I propped myself on my elbows and watched as he was revealed. Dear to all things holy, this man was built. I expected more definition, but I guess he was just naturally muscular. It didn’t matter, his chest and shoulders were wider than I’d realized, his pecks were calling my name and that dip, oh my god that dip that ran from his hip bone down to his groin made me ache. When he was completely nude I couldn’t stop the groan at the sight of his dick. What the hell was up the day this man was created? Was there anything on him that wasn’t huge and beautiful? He was thick and he rested against his stomach, leaning toward his left side. I was moving off the bed before I realized it.

I didn’t glance up at him, I kept my eyes on that large throbbing shaft and ached for it to be inside me. I knew I shouldn’t have, I didn’t know the man enough to know if it was safe, but at that second I didn’t care. I grabbed a hold of him, my finger tips couldn’t touch he was so thick. I started with his balls and licked all the way to the tip. I reveled in the sound of his moan, and the gasp when I put the head of him inside my mouth. He put his hands in my hair and pushed me toward him. I’d never had anyone this big before, and wasn’t sure I could get him all in my mouth. But I was going to try my damndest.

I licked around and around his cock making him as wet with my spit as I could. I took a deep breath and opened my mouth for him. My lips almost hurt as I tried to open wide enough for him to fit without raking my teeth across him by accident. He kept coming and coming, there was no way I could go all the way down on him. He pushed again, harder this time on my head causing him to go farther in my mouth. He hit the back of my throat and he kept pushing. I started to gag but I didn’t stop. I wanted to feel him as deep in my mouth as I could get him. I fought myself not to throw up, as he went farther and farther down my throat. I opened my eyes although I don’t remember closing them to see I was as far as I could go. A mere whisper and I’d be against his grown. I pulled away slowly at first then fast as the sensation wasn’t as pleasurable as it was going down.

“God do that again!” he sighed. I swallowed, licked him a few times and tried again.

This time, I did it faster and it was easier somehow. He shifted his hips from side to side when I was as far as I could go, making me tremble. This time, he grabbed my hair and jerked me off of him. He grabbed my arms and pulled me up to my knees. He held on to my arms and jerked me toward him to kiss me roughly.

“Fuck me,” I whispered against his lips.

“My pleasure,” he whispered back. I scooted back and lay down. I thought for sure he was done with the foreplay as he had a condom in his hand. He crawled on the bed, almost stalking me and as he distracted me with his lips his hand found me. I grabbed a hold of his forearm as he ran his hand over and around my lips. I moaned into his mouth and pulled his hand harder against me. He took one finger and traced a line from my clit all the way down to my ass, making me sigh. Then he took two fingers, opened me ever so gently, and slid them home.

“Yes,” I said pulling away from his kiss. I looked down at his hand and watched as he pulled his fingers out then pushed them back in.

He crooked his fingers, and I jerked my head to look at him. Oh my God. He began rubbing that spot over and over until my eyes rolled back in my head and I screamed. The orgasm built and built until I thought I was going to lose my mind. He leaned down and took my nipple in his mouth and that was all I needed. I came and screamed and writhed against his fingers as he continued to finger me.

I felt the bed shift, and his fingers left me, caressing me as long as he could. I shivered at the sudden chill of not being touched. I opened my eyes and watched as he put the condom on. It was then that I got scared. He was huge, and I’d never had anyone close to his size before.

“Ryan,” I started but I didn’t know what to say. He looked up at me with a soft smile.

“Don’t worry,” he said as he climbed over me, “I know what I’m doing.”

I sighed as his weight returned, although this time he wasn’t touching much of me when his dick was already rubbing against the outside of me. I threw my head back and gasped, good gravy that was incredible. The hard shaft rubbing up and down between my lips, up over my clit, he went high enough that his balls rubbed against my pussy. I felt him shift and I opened my eyes to watch as he made his way inside me. His head was down watching as well. When the tip of him touched me and the slow thrust began, I grabbed a hold of the comforter with both hands. Just the head alone drove me wild, and I couldn’t stop myself from pushing against him making him go farther. He groaned and put one hand on my hip, balancing himself on one arm.

“Shhh,” he said making me smile. I stayed as still as I could while he slowly pushed his way inside me. The tenderness of this stranger warmed me more than I wanted to admit. Another inch and he hit my cervix, at first it was painful then he moved his hips a little and he slid in farther and the sensation changed. He wasn’t completely inside yet, but he pulled all the way out anyway. I reached up and touched his head, making him look at me. The look on his face wasn’t one I’d expect from someone I just met. It was tender, it was almost loving. We stared at each other as he pushed himself back inside me, and this time he didn’t stop. When he reached the end I shuddered.

“God,” I said closing my eyes again.

He was so much taller than me, that when he leaned forward, my head was below his chin. He was easy for the longest time that I wrapped my legs around him and screamed out in the pain/pleasure that it caused.

“Easy, I don’t want to hurt you,” he said pulling back a little.

“Please Ryan, please!” I pleaded. He leaned back and looked down at me. I grabbed him around the neck and pulled him down for a kiss. It made him move out of me a little, and instead of pushing back or pulling out more, he started moving his hips side to side. I gasped against his lips and begged until he pulled back and I fell back to the bed. I watched the change in his face and was almost afraid.

He took me for my word and sped up. He didn’t have to speed up much to cause me to writhe beneath him again. Each thrust he kept himself as close to me as he could, his body rubbing against my clit with each movement. I felt that warm ripple seconds before I came again and screamed out his name. The sensation of my pussy gripping his cock was just this side of pain, and it caused the orgasm to last. He kept the tempo going while I writhed and wiggled underneath him. I grabbed his sides, his back anything I could reach as the orgasm rocked me.
“I want you above me,” he said hesitantly. All I could do was nod. We both gasped as he pulled himself out. He rolled himself over, and pulled me helping me on top. It was interesting trying to straddle him and get him inside me. I had to lean back and almost squat above him. The depth was different, more something, I wasn’t sure if it was pain or pleasure. I could barely move in this position as he rubbed against every inch inside of me.

He grabbed a hold of my hips and began slowly guiding me back and forth. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t find the ability to move my legs at all, I just let him do it. I heard him gasp and I opened my eyes to look down at him. He’d kept me so distracted I hadn’t watched him much. He had his eyes closed, his mouth was slightly opened. His head was turned to the side and with each thrust his head would twitch a little. I noticed it wasn’t just his head, his whole body tensed as well. It was incredible to watch him, even though I was struggling to do so.

I leaned forward, making us both call out. I had to kiss him, I had to. I licked his chin and he turned his head toward me. I kissed him, I tasted him and it wasn’t enough. He’d stopped moving me, his hands were now on my back massaging me. One hand went to my neck and stayed there while the other trailed down my back to stop at my ass.

“You feel amazing,” he said roughly. I opened my eyes to see him looking at me.

“Ditto,” I managed to say, it made him smile. He took both hands now and cradled my face and kissed me again.

Somehow I managed to move on my own, except instead of back and forth, I lifted myself up off him and slammed myself back down. We both screamed out. The next time he helped me lift up, then he let me drop down. Three more times and he grabbed my hips and started guiding back and forth, faster than I had planned. Over and over and over and over. He called out first, and the feel of that first spasm of his cock against my cervix made me come.

I fell forward with him still deep inside me. I collapsed on his chest and tried to learn how to breathe again.


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Wow! Super Hot! You really need to write something for my lipstick contest.

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Super hot, indeed!


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