Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is in your toy box??

My toy 'box' is a red velvet bag, and it is stuffed with 8 kinky toys. All of which, I will be giving reviews on, promise. I'm sure some of you have more than this, woohoo for you if you do. I rotate my toys out every few months, I get a new one and throw out one that I've become bored with. That adds up to....well way too many dildo's in the dumpster.

I just went through my bag of goodies a few days ago and tossed out 4 toys that aren't getting used anymore. And it got me to thinking....

How many toys do you have?

Do you have a specific toy for a night? For me, it's almost always a vibe with every sexcapade, the other toys cum in randomly.

Do you role play and use different tools for different 'characters'? No role play here, but we are considering giving this a try, sounds too damn sexy not to test it out. I think a new toy for each 'character' would be HOT HOT HOT.

Or do you close your eyes and reach into the bag, getting a new surprise every time?

What are your favorites?
Hammer and this bad boy are my favs of all time.

What ones do you hate? Oddly enough the rabbit or anything similar to it. I find the flicking rubber ears annoying as hell.

Cum on ladies (and any cocks reading) give us a peek at what you use under those sheets!!


Anonymous said...

We have about 15, we also rotate them out, prolly need to do that now. The Rabbit is prolly her fave. I don't have a fave really I don't reckon. She best likes any that go Bzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzz
No dildo's for her.

Petals said...

Mmmm vibes are my favorite all around. The vibrations make the orgasm even more powerful, considering our orgasms come from clitorial stimulation more than they do from penetration. Most women can't have orgasms from pentration alone, crazy huh. Did you know that the famous g-spot is part of the clitoris?? Totally explains why we get all hot when that spot gets special attention.

Dildo's aren't for everyone, I like them occasionally but I prefer a real cock over a rubber one. No matter how realistic they may look, they can't compare to the real thing.

Castle Megastore said...

I have about 12 sex toys with different types of each. Mainly, I have vibrators and dildos too. Depends on my mood, but I like the vibrators much.

B Swish said...

I only have 2 sex toys as of the moment, a dildo and a vibrator. I use dildo if I feel strong enough to penetrate on my V and I'm using my vibrator when I'm in the mode of watching porn movies.

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