Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Art of Teasing

"Oh fuck it!" she thought.

Another night of frustration was showing through her usually veiled face.

"How come no guy can understand passion and the art of teasing!"

Not that she wasn't greatful that her boyfriend was more than willing to go down on her whenever they had sex, she just wanted something more. The more she thought about it the more irritated she was.

What did she want? Scratch that. What was she needing? What was this feeling clawing it's way out of her like a tigress?

Then it hit her.
She sent him a quick text that she was going out alone tonight and she wouldn't be coming over.

If she couldn't get it him to get it, then she would go and get it from someone else.

How? Well that was that feeling she was having...She would take full control and teach someone else just what her body wanted, if she had to.

Walking into the bar, she felt powerful. And she knew she looked it. Soft, stretchy material covered her from breasts to ass. With every curve revealed, she left little to the imagination. But her intentions were clear.

She wanted a lightning bolt. Stepping up to the bar she ordered a double shot of vodka with a lemon. She wanted to be able to fall into this, let the feelings overwhelm her for a night.

Shooting the vodka she walked out onto the packed dance floor and let the beat and her body say everything. A stranger grabbed her hand and spun her around and into him. She closed her eyes and let her senses over take her, he smelled like confidence. That clean man smell mixed with a soft cologne.

She opened her eyes and let them move up. He had his face in her hair and when she angled her face up he let his chin run down her forhead and along the bridge of her nose.

"Oh good start" She thought.

His features were strong, defined, with kind eyes. She wondered if it could be this easy.

Then she got lost in the music. Dancing with him song after song letting their hands roam along shoulders, elbows, the small of her back, and through his hair.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her with him, moving swiftly through the crowd, and then out into the open air. Wrapping his warm arms around her they stumbled out into the star filled night and then up a flight of stairs to a studio apartment. The moment the door closed his fingers were entwined in her hair, pulling her in for a long deep kiss, his tongue twisting around with hers, his other hand pulling her tighter into him.

She reached for his collar and started to unbutton his shirt. Slowly. One button undone. Her hands went around his neck, kneading the back of it. Then around to the front and down to the next button. The whole time never breaking their kiss.

His hands moved from her hair to her face and then down to her shoulders. He kissed along her hair line, behind her ear and down the side of her neck working down to the first swell of her breasts, and out lining it with his tongue. Then back up, slowly, lightly licking the under side of her neck, nibbling her chin, and then tasting her mouth again.

Getting all the buttons undone on his shirt was a pleasureable experience all its own. Now she was able to run her hands all along his arms, swirling her fingers in the crook of his arm. Running her mouth along his breast bone and the hollow of his neck. Fingers moving down his chest, around to the small of his back. She couldn't get enough of slowling touching every bit of his skin.

His hands were on her thighs, moving around to the back of them where the skin is extra sensitive. When they got back to the sides of her thighs he ran his fingers up into the stretchy material she was wearing.

"Typical." she thought. "He's just going for it."

But again he surprised her by bunching the dress in his hands and slowly pulling it down, till the top of the dress was resting on the edge of her nipples. Running his hands up her thighs, over her waist, to rest on either side of her rib cage, he used his mouth to lightly nibble and lick the curves of each breast. Running his tongue down into the hollow between them, and then down to the very edge where her nipple was begging to be released and played with. She almost couldn't handle the teasing, but she loved every bit. Pushing her down on to the bed, he leaned over her, his hands supporting him while he grabbed the top of her dress with his teeth and slowly edged it over one nipple. And then, finally, he took it in his mouth. Licking and sucking and biting until she cried out, begging him to do the other one as well.

And he did.

His mouth working on teasing his other nipple, while his hand wrapped around the other breast, still playing with it, making the nipple hard and excited.

She had never had someone pay that much attention to just her breasts before. He ran his tongue up and down between them, and underneath them, making the tiny hair on her arms shiver.

He was good. She was lost in sensations. Moaning without realizing it.

He moved up to kiss her face and her mouth again, and she reached for his jeans. She wanted all of his hot skin covering her body. Her body was tingling with desire. She got them undone and ran her hands under the underwear band on his ass. Slipping everything off and down to his thighs. She loved cupping his butt cheeks in her hands, and firmly running her nails accross him. Her hands came forward to rest on his hip bones. Fingers toying with the short hair. She wanted to wrap her hands around him. But the urge to tease this man right back was over powering. So she moved her hands back to his butt cheeks and down the back of his thighs, squeezing the muscles while enjoying his deep kisses.

Her hands, now on the inside of his thighs, slowly working up until they rested right on the top inside of his thighs. She could just lightly feel his balls rubbing on the back of her hands. She wanted to hold his maleness in her hands so bad! But instead she slid her hands all the way up to just under his belly button.

He rose up to his knees and pulled her up with him, kissing him she moved her mouth down to his chest where she flicked his nipples with her tongue. And then moved farther down.

She stretched out, so that she was on her hands and knees in front of him bending low in front so that her ass was in the air. He slid his hands down her sides and pulled the dress over her butt. Revealing a lacy, black thong. Right then, with him bent over her, hands on her ass cheeks, she chose that moment to run her whole tongue along the underside of his hard penis. She could feel him freeze over her. She took the whole head into her warm, wet mouth, and ran her tongue in circles. Swirling all over him. His hands dug into her ass cheeks and he groaned out loud. She opened her mouth fully and the next thing he knew her lips were wrapped firmly around his base. Swallowing him whole. Her lips were firm, lightly squeezing, while the whole of her tongue was running up and down him, as she sucked her way up and then back down and up again. Over and over slow enough to be a tease, but not so slow that he wasn't already reaching a point of no return. She softly grabbed his balls and, cradling them in her hand, started to play with them as well. He had his hands running along her back, to the sides of her breasts and then back to her ass again, trying to touch every inch of her till he couldn't take it anymore. He put his hands on her shoulders to warn her she needed to stop very soon, but she hummed "No." She knew what she wanted. With her mouth fully around him and her tongue pressed hard against the underneath of his dick, she hummed once more, and the vibrations through her tongue was all it took. He groaned and almost fell on top of her as he came in her mouth.

Very happy with herself, and more turned on then ever with how his hands had played with her whole body the entire time she was going down on him, she swallowed and then ran her tongue around his balls while he caught his breath. He grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her on her back on the bed. Pulling the dress the rest of the way off, it got lost somewhere on the floor. He ran his tongue along her thong line, just on top of her pubic bone while his hands grabbed her breasts once again.

She felt like she was on fire. She hoped he still had some tricks up his sleeve. Otherwise this would be over too quickly.

He grabbed her thong and pulled off. He was surprised not to see one bit of hair on her lady bits. He moved his mouth back down to cover in little bites the top of the mound. Moving slowly down until he could take her opening in his mouth. Slowly sucking on just one lip, he moved his tongue all along the inside of her. Then he moved to the other lip, sucking on it, and teasing it with his tongue until she was open.

He ran his tongue along one lip all the way to the top. He knew he was just above her clit, because she had stopped breathing. He grabbed the sides of her tummy with his hands, trying to make it last longer, trying to touch her soft skin everywhere. He sucked on that little bit of skin where both lips meet. Then ever so slightly his tongue went in and rested on her clit. The breath went out of her. He moved his hands down to her slit to open her fully, and breathed just slightly on her swollen clit. Her whole body shivered. Then he worked just the tip of his tongue with little licks all over her clit, making sure his tongue was really wet. The he laid the flat of his tongue on it and did slow big circles, as he felt her breathing increasing, saw her hands gripping the sheets, the circles became faster and smaller. She started yelling "Yes Oh Yes!"

Her back arched and she screamed. He could feel her getting wetter with every spasm as she came.

He couldn't wait for her to come down. He needed to be in her. So he flipped her onto her stomach and pulled her hips up.

She was still reeling from that orgasm. She always came easy, but the first one had never been that intense. She felt him flip her over. She was surprised he was already ready for more. And she didn't care how she was taken, she wanted to feel him in her.

As soon as he could he lined himself up and entered her. The sensation of her tight wet body around him felt so good he didn't want to move and just enjoyed it for a moment. As soon as he pulled back and re entered her he was lost in sensations.

He filled her up. And she felt like she was clawing at the bed for more. She arched her back, raising her ass in the air to feel him deeper inside her pussy.

He could feel her reacting to him. He ran his hands up her back and back down to grab her cheeks while he moved in and out of her fluidly. Then he grabbed her by the hair and raised her up. She grabbed the head board for support. His hands came under her arms to once again tease her nipples. And when she started to moan he moved one hand down to find her clit. Running his hand over her bare pussy gave them both shivers. He found her clit with his fingers, it was still really wet as he moved his finger in light circles over it. Her breath was coming out ragged and her voice was hoarse. But she didn't notice. She was lost in the feelings of his hand and fingers and the feeling of him moving in and out of her strong and fast. He could feel her lower body tighten up and his fingers almost lost her clit as her body jerked with another orgasm. He leaned back onto his toes and took her full weight, while playing with her. He pulled her down on top of him over and over while her body shook. He could feel the muscles clenching around his dick as her body rode him. He came inside her, enjoying it but wishing it had lasted longer.

They both collapsed on the bed in a spooning position. Neither saying a word.

She stayed in an amber glow haze, enjoying the feeling of his body wrapped around hers. When the haze of sex had faded from the room, the enormity of the situation hit her. She had just had sex, the best sex, and she didn't even know his name.

She sat up, trying to scan the dark room for her clothes.

"Stay." He said, breaking the silence with the first words he'd said to her all night. She turned to look at him. "I want to know what sex with you is like when the morning sun is shining on your skin."

She crawled back into the curve of his body.


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